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Our kids martial arts program is one of a kind. Most classes are taught by the head instructor and that is rare thing at some clubs. Also kids get lots of one on one time with the adults and lots of direct supervision. I personally roll with the kids in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu every week to ensure they are progressing.  

Bully Proofing Kids

A key point about martial arts and anti-bullying

Parents, you should be rest assured that our martial arts anti-bullying program does not promote violence. There are many effective anti-bullying tactics that we teach in martial arts that are not physical, such as using stances, tone, and diction to convey confidence.

However, your child will learn key self-defense skills and techniques on the mat. So, if bully tries to escalate the situation, your child will know how to properly respond and defend themselves.

Kids Martial Arts Sydney, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton 

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